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Irina Minaeva






















Irina Minaeva

Born in 1975.
In 1997 graduated from the South Ukrainian Pedagogical University (Odessa).
The basic directions in creativity are graphic and batik (batic).
Irina has been interested in taking photoes recently.

Pictures of artist are in private collections of Ukraine.


In 2000
- The first personal exhibition of graphics and batik (batic) (Ukraine, Odessa)
In 2003
- personal exhibition: graphics, paintings, batik (batic) (Ukraine, Odessa)
In 2006
- personal exhibition of graphics and batik (batic) (Ukraine, Odessa)
In 2008
- personal exhibition of graphics (Ukraine, Odessa)
In 2009
- personal exhibition of batik (batic) (Ukraine, Odessa)
In 2009
- IX International Festival of Underwater Images "Silver Shark" (Ukraine,Kiev), Chairman of the Jury Award for "Best pictorial or sculptural works," Andre Labanom was awarded a series of works executed in the technique of batik (batic) , premiums (the underwater case with the Japanese camera brand Epoque "EPOQUE)
In 2009
- Batik Festival "Slavic circle" (Russia, St. Petersburg)
In 2009
- Russian Art Week,
І place in the category "Decorative painting fabric" (Russia, St. Petersburg)
In 2009
- Ukrainian Art Week,
ІІ place in the category "Experimental graphic" (Ukraine,Kiev)
In 2010
- XVII International Festival-Contest "Sounds and Colors of the World", the I place in nomination "Applied and Creative Arts" (Russia, St. Petersburg)
In 2010
- The exhibition "Woman of a new century" as part of Petersburg Week "Woman Of The Year.
In 2010
- International Exhibition-Competition "Flights in dream and waking," Third place in the "Graphics" (Moscow, Russia)
In 2010
- V International Festival of Monotype
In 2010

- personal exhibition of batik (batic)
(Russia, St. Petersburg)

Personal web-site:

In 2006 - / art: graphic, batik (batic), cravat /
In 2007 - / photo: nature, people, nu /